Batch Download Tool

Enter the url / download link, separate with "Enter", or copy directly through the excel / spreadsheet lines

Enter the file names you want for each file without extension formats (.img, .pdf, etc.), separate them with "Enter", or copy directly through excel / spreadsheet rows

Download Multiple Images and Files at Once

You can use the tools on this page to download more than one image and / or file with one click . This tool is made using javascript where the list that you enter will be processed one by one and downloaded sequentially via . This tool may not be supported on some browsers. For Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, these tools have been tried and can be used.

In essence, this tool is made to make it easier for people who have to download from a lot different sources. With this tool, all you have to do is list what links are want to download, and then use this tool. To use this tool, you can done by following the steps below:

  1. Enter some link files or images that you want to download in the first input area. Separate the links with "Enter", or you can simply copy the links you want from excel lines or spreadsheets. Every link that you enter must really be a link and is a download link.
  2. In the second input area, enter the file name you want for each link you input. Separate the file names with "Enter", or you can copy them directly. If you do not enter this input, the file name will use the default file name.
  3. Click the Download button. Wait for your files to download.

Downloading lots of files with this tool will make your work simpler.